Christiania - Light, Yellow Box, Meno-Cargo-Bike-parking med

New Cargo Bike Parking from VEKSØ

The Cycling Embassy of Denmark reports: The Cycling Embassy of Denmark, the City of Copenhagen, VEKSØ, and Gottlieb Paludan Architects have joined forces and developed a new and different type of cargo bicycle parking facility that is small, flexible, and safe! Easy and safe to use The facility is designed so it can be used…

Official LCMG cargo bike w/ names of 153 Co-Producers & 11 Exec. Producers!!

Work in progress at Less Car More Go

Liz Canning reports on how her documentary is progressing: Lots of small triumphs and challenges to report. UCLA professor Andy Rice asked me to show and discuss LCMG video in his class on video activism and I took the opportunity to explore the budding LA bike scene. Lane Kagay of CETMA made it possible for…


Cycle Commerce As An Ecosystem

John Thackara is the founder of The Doors of Perception, an event production company that organises festivals in Europe and India in which grassroots innovators work with designers to imagine sustainable futures – and take practical steps to realise them. At a recent interview with Impact Design Hub, this is what he had to say about cargobikes…

K4RGO - copenhagenize-bar-cyclehoop-schliessmechanismus

The Copenhagenize Bar

In Copenhagen, cargobikes are top of thieves’ lists. High price and high demand (and unscrupulous consumers) make for a mouth-watering opportunity. Add to that a lack of practical posts to attach cargobikes to, and you have an environment that has led to a lot of anxiety among cargobike owners, evidenced by the heavy chains that…

K4RGO - Douze Cycles Messenger V2 Compact

Paris chic

Douze has two models, both in two lengths, with a detachable front cargo section. The size of the Compact will appeal to everyone who wants a swift, agile bike with good carrying capacity. Great ride and excellent finish. The picture below is a bit preposterous. Suit and no mudguards, really?

Christiania - HBox, CbD, Fitting bins inside of the box

Cargobikes, vital link link in the waste to biogas chain

London-based social enterprise Community by Design is running a pilot Food Waste to Biogas project at the Camley Street Natural Park, just North of King’s Cross. A 2 metric cubic digester is fed with 150kg of food waste a week collected locally with a Christiania cargobike. In these pictures we see Juan, one of the…

Diary - Speaking at Nijmegen 5

Future innovations

Synopsis of my presentation at the European CycleLogistics Conference in Nijmegen on 12.04.14. The growth of Cargobike City Logistics is supported by three drivers: Legal and moral imperatives on municipalities to improve air quality -> Soon only Zero Emission Vehicles will be allowed to operate in city centres Liveability – Political acceptance that streets are…