Vodafone technicians in NL on SunRider cargobikes

SunRider produces rear-loading cargobikes with solar panels on the roof and the sides of the cargobox. They claim that “by charging on the move one has up to an additional 100 km of range per day”

Vodafone is starting a pilot using a SunRider bike in Utrecht.

The bike’s on-board equipment will record a whole host of data that will enable VodafoneZiggo to work as effectively as possible. Not only will the equipment check which route is the most efficient one, how many kilometres the bike has covered, how fast the engineer is riding and how many calories he/she is consuming, for example, but it will also record things such as how much sunlight is available that day – and how much energy therefore needs to be generated. By bringing together all that big data, the company will be able to check and correct the routes being taken and the way that the bike and its solar panels are being used.”

In other words, riders need to remember to park the bike in a sunny spot, otherwise the motor will not work in the afternoon

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