Even in heavy industries, there are lighter jobs where cargobikes can shine

Last September Construction Manager Magazine ran a story that showed some examples of cargobikes being used in an industry that one associates with much heavier machinery.

Champion of these case studies is Michael Barratt, development impact assessment manager at Transport for London. His exposure to the link between construction and cargobikes started when he had to assess the impact of construction sites on new cycle lanes, ensuring that they remained open to all users, including those on cargobikes.

He had a crash course (figuretely) on cargobikes and their capabilities and started suggesting opportunities to his contacts in the construction industry.

The article mentions two case studies

Fitting LED lights to five London bridges.

Illuminated River is public art commission which will light up to 14 bridges on the River Thames

Barratt suggested to contractor FM Conway that materials and equipment could be transported by cargobike. He arranged the loan of three Urban Arrows, training and detailed routes from the depot to the five bridges.

The pilot was a success and FM Conway decided to buy three cargobikes for other projects.

Cargobike courier chosen to deliver tools and PPE to building site

A new school and leisure centre is being built in Hackney. Logistics subcontractor O’Neill&Brennan have employed cargobike courier PedalMe to transport paint, timber, screws, plant, vacuums, small tools, PPE and signage.

A dedicated cargobike loading bay was set up on the site.

From the article:

Operations manager Walker remarked that the speed of delivery has been impressive. “During covid-19 the e-cargo bikes have been of huge assistance. While a lot of suppliers furloughed staff, we were able to get emergency items delivered same day.” 

Having trialled the bikes with the help of TfL, Walker is also optimistic that they will be used more in the future. 

“We are currently in talks to purchase a cargo bike for New Britannia and also another project in the Vauxhall area. Once purchased, we are planning on putting one of our operatives through Cargo Bike Training so that we can use the cargo bike to collect and deliver products and materials to the project on a full-time basis. 

“This service being supplied by our client means that all subcontractors can use and book cargo bike deliveries throughout the project,”

Illustration: Michele Marconi

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