Impressive display of cargobike logistics by PedalMe in London

In the spring, as London was at a standstill, the local authority of Lambeth, in Central-SouthWest London, awarded PedalMe a contract to distribute thousands of food and essential home products to individual homes.

The cycle logistics company uses a mix of Urban Arrows XL cargobikes and big trailers. Over the duration of the contract they distributed nearly 10,000 packages, moving around about 150,000 kg and covering over 20,000km.

The operation lasted for a month and a half, with up to 16 riders out delivering parcels on a given day. On several days close to 400 packages were delivered. Each bike can carry up to 6 crates, corresponding to a total of 480L of volume per trip.

To improve the efficiency of deliveries, two sub-hubs were opened, one in south Lambeth and one in north Lambeth. Trailers were also on occasions used as mobile sub-hubs to support the riders and circumvent the need for long journeys back to the main hub.

Overall, for a day with 400 deliveries, we estimate up to 10 vans were removed from the roads of Lambeth. A rough estimate (assuming the same number of km for a diesel van) points to 5,000kg of CO2 saved

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