Cargobike riding school

Prodrive Academy in the Netherlands offers cargobike riding lessons to corporate riders, who may not be familiar with the handling skills required to ride safely a heavily laden two wheeler.


“The collaboration between Urban Arrow and Prodrive came about through a shared contact at PostNL,” says Mark Maaskant, founder of Prodrive Academy. “We help companies increase road safety and reduce costs due to damage. We strongly believe in micro mobility solutions including cargo bikes. We saw that the delivery services market in particular had to contend with high costs due to incorrect use of the cargo bikes. We offer users of the Urban Arrow cargo bikes a true total solution, we call this the Driver Academy. As soon as a bicycle deliverer is created in the Academy he/she receives an invitation for the e-learning training which is completed before participating in the 2-hour practical training on the public road”.

One of the organisations who has sent its riders to Prodrive Academy is the Dutch Touring Club, ANWB.


Lennart Weerts, industrial designer at the R&D department of ANWB,  states: “Breakdown assistance is mainly provided to motor vehicles by two-wheeled cargobikes in urban areas. In the event that it cannot be solved from a bicycle, assistance from a colleague with a car can be called in, e.g. towing. However, calling in help is an exception, according to Weerts, clearly aimed at the technical knowledge and skills of his colleagues at the Wegenwacht. Over the past few years, we’ve been running a pilot with various concepts. The cargo bike turned out to be the most suitable”.

Source: Urban Arrow

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