Cargobike Pilot by Dutch Mail in Nijmegen

img_pilot_transportfiets20_postnlThe pilot is an initiative of Fulpra and PostNL, in cooperation with the municipality of Nijmegen. Nijmegen is working on an emission-free inner city. The cargobikes are made by the Utrecht-based Fulpra. The Province of Gelderland has contributed to the development and construction of the cargobikes. The Gelderse Corridor programme stimulates sustainable and clean transport. After evaluating the trial, PostNL will decide whether delivery by cargobike will continue in Nijmegen and whether it can also be used in other inner cities.


Roll containers
The Fulpra is an electric, three-wheeled cargo bike. At the back of the bike the lockable box has a loading space of 2.6 cubic meters. Two standard PostNL roll cages fit in the cargo box. They can be easily loaded and unloaded via ramps. The bicycles have an electrical power of around 1,000 watts. That is about 4 times as much as the power of a normal pedelec. The bicycles are 1 metre wide, have a maximum speed of 25 kilometres per hour and can travel about 70 kilometres without recharging. The bicycles are equipped with various sensors and a communication system. This allows remote monitoring of the technical condition and security of the bicycle.


No helmet
The cargo bikes have been approved by the Dutch Transport Agency. The bicycles do not require a helmet and driving licence and are allowed to ride on cycle paths. Moreover, the municipality of Nijmegen has allowed the bicycles to be used in streets where cycling is not normally permitted.


Consolidation centre
The delivery of parcels by bike takes place from a depot just outside the city centre of Nijmegen. There the transport bikes will be parked and recharged. PostNL transports the roll containers with parcels by truck from the parcel sorting centre in Elst and loads them into the cargo bikes at the depot. Each bicycle is expected to make 3 rounds a day and delivers 6 roll containers with parcels daily.

Source: Province of Gelderland

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