City of London draft Transport strategy

The City of London (the small central financial district) has published its draft Transport Strategy. There are several mentions of cargobikes (and special needs cycles).


Essentially the measures break down in two different sections:

Provisions for private users and potential users of cargobikes. 

  • The cycle network will cater for all types of cycles, including cycles as mobility aidsand cargo cycles.

  • Assess requirements for public and residential cycle parking that can accommodatecargo cycles and adapted cycles. Encourage the provision of parking facilities that are suitable for non-standard cycles, including providing off-street storage for cargo bikes and hand carts in developments that include ground floor retail and takeaway food outlets

  • Different types of cycles will also be available for hire across the City, supporting more flexible cycling. We will work with TfL and cycle hire providers to improve the quality and accessibility of all cycle hire facilities including cargo cycles for residents, workers, and visitors



Provisions to encourage Cycle Logistics

We will support cycle logistics and the use of cycles as mobility aids by ensuring that all
parts of this network are designed to be accessible to non-standard cycles, such as cargo
cycles or adapted cycles.

Logistics hubs within the City will enable deliveries to be made by cargo cycles and
pedestrian porters. Cargo cycles will also be used for servicing businesses and buildings, with tools and parts securely stored at locations within the Square Mile

We will enable more deliveries within the Square Mile to be made by cargo cycles, on foot and by small electric vehicles by:
• Delivering two last mile logistic hubs in underutilised City Corporation assets by
2022. A further three hubs will be delivered by 2025.
• Establishing additional last mile logistics hubs if appropriate underutilised assets are identified.
• Exploring opportunities to acquire new sites within or adjacent to the Square Mile for last mile logistic hubs.
• Working with developers and land owners to integrate last mile logistic hubs as part of major City developments.

Exploring the use of Blackfriars and Tower Piers and a reinstated Swan Lane Pier as
points to transfer freight from the river for last mile delivery on foot or by cargo cycle.

Screenshot 2018-10-12 at 10.33.34


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