While London nixes, Berlin and Paris give subsidies for cargobikes

Where would you rather live: a country drifting away into deluded isolation or in cities that are taking concrete action to wean people off the poisoned chalice of motor vehicles.


The Musketier from Radkutsche

Three contrasting headlines:

  • UK Transport minister rules out extending ‘low emission vehicle’ grants to e-bikes – BikeBiz
  • National subsidy for large cargobikes (min: 150kg, 1m3 capacity) of up to €2500; Germany – Cargobike Jetzt
  • New measures to stimulate clean transport in Paris include subsidies for cargobikes of up to €600. – La Ville de Paris

The German initiative targets Cycle Logistics. It is regrettable that they have increased the minimum capacity from 100kg to 150kg. (It can be gotten around by adding a trailer to a smaller cargobike). Moreover there are restrictions to catering cargobikes and rickshaws.

For example the owners of this Parisian food bike from Cyclutile


would be able to apply for the Parisian money, but if they were in Germany they couldn’t apply for the €2500 subsidy.

However it should be noted that many German cities and Laender have their own incentives scheme. Cargobike Jetzt has a comprehensive list here.


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