Use of cargobikes by Spanish Post expands

VeloStrom reports that Correos, the Spanish postal service, are expanding their testing of cargobikes from the original city of Sevilla to other Andalusian towns, Malaga Granada and Cordoba.


With the new pilots, the cargobox has been increased from 300l to 550l.


The tricycles have also been redesigned to improve ergonomics and stability, with 20″ rear wheels and 24″ front wheel. The tricycles are fitted with a Continental central motor and a 500Wh battery

The tricycles are made by Bikelencing, based in Sevilla.

The company has produced more than 400 cargobikes, used in Spain, Portugal and England, such as this model specially adapted for street cleaning:


H/t Jos Sluijsmans

Pictures courtesy of VeloStrom


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