Carvelo Camp hosts cargobike specialists

Switzerland’s CarVelo2Go is the most successful cargobike public hire scheme in the world with 140 locations in 21 cities and towns, and growing.

It is managed by the Mobility Academy in Bern. Last month they hosted the Carvelo Camp, inviting cargobike experts from various European countries.

After hearing success stories from Austria, Germany and the Netherlands*, Jörg Beckmann, Managing Director of the Mobility Academy set out the scene in Switzerland:

“In Switzerland, we are leaders in terms of usage and brainstorming. The cities of Bern and Basel are already doing a lot in the commercial sector with freight bikes. Electrification in particular would open up completely new possibilities. While in the big bicycle nations like the Netherlands or Denmark people mostly ride cargobikes without electric assistance, e-cargo bikes are perfect for the uneven topography of Switzerland. “Our modest goal is to significantly influence the revolution in city traffic with cargobikes. The classic car is becoming increasingly problematic and expensive in the city. That’s why you’re welcome to call the cargobike a new city car”

Jos Sluijsmans, founder of  the International Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen acknowledges:

“That makes Switzerland better than what is being done in the Netherlands. But that’s why you’re finally at the Carvelo Camp; to talk and drive the velorution”


Some of the examples cited:

  • Logistics giant DHL in the Netherlands has replaced 35 vehicles with cargo bikes, which is equivalent to ten percent of the entire express fleet.
  • In Vienna, the number of freight bikes doubled within a short time. Between January and May 2017, even more cargo bikes (310) than electric cars (220) were redeemed in the Austrian capital, through its scrappage scheme.
  • Food couriers are on average 20% faster in Vienna than they are by car and receive four percent more orders thanks to their eye-catching bicycles.
  • In Berlin, Amazon uses electric cargo bikes for every fifth delivery for its “Prime now” offer.

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