Metrovelo in Grenoble offers cargobike hire

Velogik reports on the enlargement of the public bicycle hire service Métrovélo to include cargobikes, following increased customer demand.

The choice of vehicles was the result of a detailed survey and street test by potential users.

The first cargo bikes, in  Métrovelo colour, were finally put into service this spring. The Danish brand Nihola (assembled in the Loire-Atlantique) has a 7-speed Nexus hub and the Xtracycle longtail an 8-speed external derailleur . In addition, two-wheel cargobikes will arrive in autumn 2017.

dsc_01861-1024x683The fleet will be expanded according to the demand of the cycling public … which will undoubtedly be strong, given the expectations aroused by the experimentation in September 16 and the first results of the trial. The first 40 models have already been almost all rented at least once. Good news: one of the main objectives of this new service is to remove the doubts and questions that may remain about the regular use of cargobikes, with a view to quickly bringing users to personal purchase. The Métrovélo team is able to provide advice and technical support, but nothing beats actually practicing riding these vehicles to be completely convinced of their utility, their solidity and their maneuverability. Interested citizens will thus be able to accustom themselves with these unusual devices over long periods by transporting children and goods, or get into the habit of using them a few days, from time to time, for exceptional needs.



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