Cargobikes in the London Mayor’s Transport Strategy


Last week, Sadiq Kahn, London’s Mayor has published his draft Transport Strategy. Congestion is a big problem in the capital, and the Mayor has identified two main culprits: the increase of Uber taxis and the increase of delivery vans. Regarding the latter, the Mayor reaches the conclusion that some consolidation of deliveries is possible and beneficial:

Efficiency of deliveries and servicing

Regional consolidation and distribution centres at the edge of London are needed to serve the city and town centres. These can be coupled with micro-distribution centres in inner and central London, from where deliveries will be made by low and zero emission vehicles, such as electric vans or cargo bikes.

This analysis leads to the following:

Proposal 77
The Mayor, through TfL and the boroughs, will seek to ensure that delivery and servicing plans facilitate off-peak deliveries using quiet technology, and the use of more sustainable modes of delivery, including cargo bikes and electric vehicles where practicable.


A number of consolidation centres are already operating, both “edge-of-town” and central micro ones. They are successful so we hope to see more soon.


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