Berlin Senate wants to promote deliveries by cargobikes

Berliner Morgenpost reports:

The Berlin Senate has undertaken to stimulate the supply of goods on bikes. Bicycles for tradespeople are to be funded and a project has been initiated within the framework of a federal competition. In line with the Velogista principle, so-called micro-depots are to be set up at six locations, from which the parcel delivery companies carry out their deliveries with cargobikes. Among others, DHL, DPD, Hermes and UPS are involved. “The large number of vans endangers cyclists and pedestrians,” says Transport Secretary Jens-Holger Kirchner (Greens). So we hope for a relief of the inner city traffic. The necessary funds were requested from the federal government, a decision is still pending.

Velogista CEO Seissler welcomes the fact that even the big players on the market want to use more bikes. The fact that they did not copy his business idea much earlier, but need a “sponsoring” from the federation, he finds however strange. Also, the project is not optimally designed. It is not effective if all companies supply all the city areas in parallel. Better would be a [sole last mile courier]. However, the courier companies do not want to give up their delivery chain.


At the moment Velogista has little competition in Cycle Logistics in Berlin. It has been set up by Martin Seissler in 2014 and currently services customers with 8 cargobikes each with capacity of 1.6m3. They operate two hubs, in Kreuzberg und Charlottenburg, from which they deliver in a 5km radius. At present they employ 15 riders. Future projects include working with food stuff by installing chilled sections in the cargo boxes.




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