Cargobikes in Scotland

Guest post by Spokes in Edinburgh

Late in 2014 Spokes noticed that Edinburgh Council’s Transport Forum was to discuss freight delivery in the city. Cycling was not mentioned on the agenda. At our suggestion a presentation by b-Spokes [pdf 2.5MB] on the potential of cargobikes was added – and it proved to be a star item at the Forum.

Noticing that the Scottish Parliament ICI Committee was then investigating freight transport in Scotland we passed a copy of the presentation to Committee Convener Jim Eadie MSP. Before long we received a request for written evidence on the existing and potential role of cargobikes in Scotland.Nino-B-Spokes-image003-CROP

Hence our submission! [pdf 251k]

In the submission we describe…

Christiania - +30, Recycle for Scotland

We list benefits of using cargo bikes for urban deliveries, including…

  • Speed of delivery – the bike can often bypass congestion, particularly where cycle lanes, cycle routes and shared spaces are available, as is increasingly common in urban areas
  • Predictable delivery times – predictability is vital for business delivery, and with its congestion-busting ability the cargo bike can give a greater assurance of guaranteed delivery times
  • Parking problems & parking tickets – these problems are largely eliminated with a cargo bike
  • Economic benefit (1) – faster and predictable delivery times are an important economic benefit
  • Economic benefit (2) – cargo bikes are far cheaper to purchase, maintain, license and drive than motor vehicles
  • Congestion reduced – by replacing motor vehicles with bikes, occupied roadspace is reduced
  • Pollution – largely eliminated
  • Noise – largely eliminated
  • Road danger – largely eliminated

We reference some great reports analysing cargobike potential…


Originally published at Spokes


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