London Local Authorities invest in cargobikes

It is only a trickle so far, but most of Central London’s municipalities have cargobikes. Here is a run down:
Camden Council cycling officer Ben Knowles visits schools on a Bakfiets:
K4RGO - Bakfiets, Ben Knowles

Islington Council cycling officer David Shannon uses a Christiania for events at schools:
Christiania - Islington Market Stall Bike

Westminster City Council officer Toby Jacobs has a Pedal Power two wheeler:

Hackney Council is the main sponsor of the Zero Emission Network:

Lambeth Council contractors uses a pair of Christianias for street cleaning in the South Bank:

Christiania - Low Box, South Bank Street cleaning

In the Outer Boroughs there is also interest in cargobikes, especially in the Mini-Holland winners. Here is one of Waltham Forest’s new cargobikes:

and CarryMe has been working on demo projects and events in Redbridge, Enfield and Croydon.

Outside London, some enlightened municipalities have also invested in cargobikes, from Bristol, to Middlesborough to Portsmouth:



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