Zurich Food Bike


One day, our grandchildren will be shocked when they find out that at a time when 800 million people are undernourished, the rich nations throw away one third of the food they produce, some of it because it does not conform to beauty standards.

Similarly, they will be aghast when they learn that billions of people prefer to sit in a tin can, polluting the air, rather than ride the most efficient vehicle we have invented and improve their health and well-being.


Lukas Bühler, Remo Bebié and Thomas Lehmann, three young Swiss entrepreneurs have married the two concepts of fighting food waste and cargobikes, to launch the Zum guten Heinrich Food Bike, a lunch delivery service using seasonal crooked vegetables.

Newly Swissed reports:

Working with chef Mirko Buri who prides himself on no more than 3 percent food waste in his kitchen, they have found someone who knows how to treat food with respect. Thanks to the creativity in his meals, Buri is able to address two of the main factors that drive the modern food cycle: availability and seasonality.

Along with lunch deliveries, Zum guten Heinrich also provides catering services which have gained attention among larger corporations. According to Remo, the demand for the food is there – they just need to make it and deliver it.

In order to eliminate waste, food is packaged in visually appealing “Weck” glasses. If returned, the glasses will be cleaned and re-used. Or they can be used by customers for their own purpose. Glass has the added benefit of being taste neutral.

They have raised money to improve the cargo-box and are planning to expand.668x501-fit.668x483

Just one example of a growing trend of food-entrepreneurs on cargobikes.


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