Cargobikes win on punctuality

A Saunier Duval boiler being delivered with the company's two hour promise. D.R. - Le Parisien

A Saunier Duval boiler being delivered with the company’s two hour promise.
D.R. – Le Parisien

Le Parisien reports:

What is in common between a new laundry in the XV, a plumber on the other side of the city and a century-old heating equipment company, Saunier Duval?

The cargobike, which has already seduced many Parisians. In 2012 enthusiasts founded the association Paris Cargo Bike. Now, it is businesses who are discovering the modern version of the triporteur.

In recent weeks, the Saunier Duval company has begun to offer a replacement boiler within two hours, delivered by cargobike!

While the mayor of Paris multiplies the promotions for “soft” traffic modes (quick installation of charging points for electric vehicles, bans for cars and the most polluting HGVs in July …), companies who use cargobikes emphasize their zero environmental footprint.

But the businesses are not just driven by environmental concerns:

The growing success of cargobikes is mainly due to a concern for punctuality in a city where traffic is heavy. “This is the perfect vehicle to carry fairly heavy loads and arrive on time in congested places like Paris,” comments Elian Alluin, le Cyclo Plombier.


“What customers desire is delivered on time,” says Alphadio Olory-Togbe the 30-year old founder (with his friend Pierre-Henri Canonne) of Lavoir Moderne. Launched two years ago, the start-up offers residents in the XV collection and delivery of their laundry. With a strong “core” of 1500 regular customers who have “tried and adopted” their service, the two founders intend to develop their concept in other districts of western Paris … and thus acquire other cargo bikes.

K4RGO - lavoir_moderne_6


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