The Copenhagenize Bar

K4RGO - copenhagenize-bar-cyclehoop-strassenraum

In Copenhagen, cargobikes are top of thieves’ lists. High price and high demand (and unscrupulous consumers) make for a mouth-watering opportunity. Add to that a lack of practical posts to attach cargobikes to, and you have an environment that has led to a lot of anxiety among cargobike owners, evidenced by the heavy chains that now everyone carries and uses, even for a quick stop at the local shop (a couple of years ago everyone was happy simply to use the frame lock on the rear wheel).

K4RGO - copenhagenize-bar-cyclehoop-haus-hinterhof

As we reported last year, various solutions are being proposed, and here is a clever design from a partnership between Copenhagenize and Cyclehoop.

K4RGO - copenhagenize-bar-cyclehoop-schliessmechanismus-rahmen

The design team is now working on making the locking mechanism of the swinging arm controlled by an electronic card. This feature would be useful not just for residential use, but also for an eventual cargobike-sharing initiative.

K4RGO - copenhagenize-bar-cyclehoop-schliessmechanismus

All images by Copenhagenize and Cyclehoop.


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