Meta photographic gallery from the Cargobike Festival at Nijmegen

The International Cargobike Festival at Nijmegen on the week-end of 12-13th April, had three parts:

  • The CycleLogistics Conference, which attracted 250 delegates from 25 countries
  • The Cargobike parade from the centre of Nijmegen to the Vadim art complex
  • The Cargobike Fair and Try-out, with thousands of visitors and catering provided on cargobikes

Enjoy hundreds of photographs at these galleries:

Bas de Mejer – The Parade

K4RGO - NijmegenBakfiets treffen   Bas Fotografie

Jon Erlandsson – The Speakers, the Parade, the Bikes

K4RGO - Nijmegen, Jos speaking

K4RGO - Nijmegen, Butcher at parade

K4RGO - Nijmegen, Gabricycle

Jaap Barends

K4RGO - Nijmegen, Bikes and bridge

Steven Vance – Slides et al

K4RGO - Nijmegen, Jos on butcher singing

Our GooglePlus Page

Diary - Nijmegen Cargobike festival 2014, DeFietsFabrik event trike 2

ECF – Conference and Festival


Bicycle Dutch – Report and videos

Adrian Oliver – Bikes and People


I will write a report of the key themes of the speeches later in the week, but if you can’t wait, here are very good notes from Steve Vance and the full video stream of the conference.


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