Vintage cargobikes e-book

K4RGO - Vintage, Pantry bike

Nello Sandrinelli has been collecting vintage cargobike, each one customised for a specific trade: fridge repairman, polisher, itinerant painter, seller of oil lamps, bee-keeper, drinks seller, fairground entertainer, midwife, chiseller, courier, cobbler, etc.

Below is a selection of photographs from an e-book published by Bici Italia.

Mr. Sardinello is looking for an institution that would like to display these wonderful artefacts in a proper setting.

Each bike tells a story. Here is a description of the cobbler:

At that time [1930’s] the work of the shoemaker was indispensable. Shoes, but especially boots, were made ​​directly by cobblers and would need to last a long time. A cobbler would build his own market: first he would manufacture custom-made shoes, then every year he would return to put new soles. The shoes protected the only means of locomotion: feet.
They would were more quickly then now. They had to be comfortable, the right size and they cost a lot.

K4RGO - Vintage, Cobbler bike
On the rear rack you will find the work table still impregnated with glue that would stick together pieces of leather and maybe even sweaty palms. It was removed from the bike and, having asked to borrow a chair from the client, the cobbler was able to begin
work immediately. In the box on the front carrier were tools: hole punchers, scorer, shapes, awls, slicker etc … : all that was required to do a good job.

K4RGO - Vintage, Painter bike
Itinerant painter

K4RGO - Vintage, Bee-keeper trike

It is interesting to note that some trades have disappeared, but there are is now an increasing number of people using cargobikes for the ones that have survived.

Thanks to Copenhagenize for the link.


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