Cargobike developments in London

Christiania - Light, three, Brentford Bikes

I have recently written an article for the London Cycling Campaign. Here is an excerpt; full article here.

Cargo bikes are increasingly seen as solutions to congestion and pollution in London. Both companies and local authorities are realising that a substantial number of van trips can be substituted with these load-carrying two-wheelers, yielding financial and environmental gains.

For instance, one of the main conclusions of the Road Task Force is a recommendation to start a “pilot scheme to shift freight journeys from vans to bicycles”. In its response to the above, Transport for London stated that it will “participate in the EU-funded ‘last mile logistics’ (LaMiLo) project which proposes that goods are delivered to a consolidation centre [at Euston Station] and delivered to their final destinations by less polluting modes of transport including electric vehicles and cycle freight”.

K4RGO - TNT on Pashley Pronto

Besides the above LaMiLo, the EU is funding the CycleLogistics project with initiatives across the continent. In the UK, Brentford has launched a free cargo bike hire scheme to promote their use. Similar schemes have also been launched by councils in Lambeth, Camden, Hackney and Redbridge.

There are now more than a thousand cargo bikes in London used by hundreds of families to transport children and groceries – and by businesses in a wide range of activities, for deliveries, as catering vehicles, and for services such as street cleaning, etc.

The increasing popularity has led to the establishment of a number of new businesses that sell and service cargo bikes. Among these, London Green Cycles in Camden has opened a new showroom and service centre, while Carry Me in east London offers test rides to families and businesses.

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