Challenges of CycleLogistics in NYC

K4RGO - Cycles Maximus, City Harvest, NYC

New York City should be an ideal place to ship cargo by bike. It’s dense, space is at a premium, traffic regularly ensnares delivery trucks, and customers demand near-instant delivery. Despite its advantages, pedal-powered freight delivery has remained a niche operation. A panel at a conference on last-mile freight delivery hosted by the University Transportation Research Center today explored why.

StreetsBlog lists some of the obstacles found by cargobike operators:

  • Freight users who have been brainwashed in thinking that only vans can transport parcels, and “don’t trust” the capabilities of cargobikes,
  • An unimaginative local authority, reluctant to pilot new schemes,
  • Physical impediments for wide cargobikes,
  • Lack of regulatory framework for electric bikes,
  • Poor choice of cool boxes for perishable food delivery,
  • Price competition from low-paid, unregulated van drivers.
  • Unfavourable insurance premiums for bicycle fleet operators

Full article.


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