Coffee trikes worldwide

Here is a small selection of businesses who either sell coffee from tricycles or sell coffee-tricycles, or both.

Christiania - Catering, Coffee Bike in Arnhem -

Arnhem – True Barista

K4RGO - Coffe trike, Boston Barista

Boston – Coffee Trike

K4RGO - Coffe trike, BikeCaffe'
Boulder – BikeCaffe’


Cardiff – Handlebar Barista

K4RGO - Coffee tricycle, streat dot dk

Copenhagen – Streat

K4RGO - Coffe trike, Espresso Manden

Copenhagen – Espresso Manden

K4RGO - Coffe trike, Commonwealth

Denver – Commonwealth Coffee

K4RGO - Coffe trike, coffee-bike

Hanover – coffee-bike

K4RGO - Coffe trike, Kaffee Fahrad logo

Leipzig – Kaffee Fahrad

K4RGO - Coffe trike, Velopresso Rogers

London – Velopresso

K4RGO - Coffee trike, Mudguard tricycles

Manchester – Mudguard Media

Christiania - Catering, Coffee trike Montpelier, outside

Montpellier – Mon Premier Vélo

K4RGO - Coffe trike, EspressoBar

Muenchen – Espressobar

K4RGO - Coffe trike, Kaffee Freund

Muenster – Kaffee Freund

K4RGO - Coffe trike, On Your Trike

Newcastle – On Your Trike

Christiania - Catering, Coffee trike, ship like
Vienna – CafeRad


2 thoughts on “Coffee trikes worldwide

    • It depends on the model. Some do require a nearby electric source. Others, like the Velopresso, use pedal power for some of the work, like grinding

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