Velocity 2013 Session on cargobikes


ECF report:

Moving goods by bike, does that sound modern to you? It certainly does to one of the cycling advocacy world’s rock stars, Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagenize Consulting who chaired a session about ECF’s Cycle Logistics and Advanced Sustainability.
The was no shortage of visions about how to use pedal power in order to move goods in cities. Rob King of Outspoken delivery from the UK for instance presented his concept of the “Last Mile”: “Cargo bikes are actually a great choice for the last bit of the delivery chain,” Mr King explained. “They are better suited than cars to navigate narrow city streets or even pedestrian zones easily and fast.”
Susanne Wrighton from Austrian Mobility Research told the audience that filled the Mozart room at Velo-city “Our new study shows that 42% of trips for goods delivery currently done with motorized vehicles could be replaced with delivery by cycles.”
Ton Daggers of Dutch IBC compared cargo bikes and delivery vans in the urban area.
ECF project manager for CycleLogistics, Dr Randy Rzewnicki said how inspired he was by the many things Vienna does and has achieved regarding cycle delivery. “I was delighted to report that Vienna’s House of Cycling (FahrRADhaus) lends cargo bikes for free. And that there is a company that moves a garden around the city on a monster cargo bike. But the biggest news was that DHL is doing cargo deliveries on cargo bikes because one bike replaces a motor vehicle. The company saves money and gets packages delivered more efficiently. They started a test route in Vienna this week – and the DHL “parcycle” as they call it, rode in the Velo-city Bike Parade on Thursday evening.
I was also very happy that of the 60 Cycling Visionaries prize winners, six of the proposals focused on moving goods by cycle

UPDATE: Here is the report by the seminar’s chairman, Mikael Colville.


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