Two more frame builders design cargobikes

K4RGO - Renwick Bicycles 01

From the UK, and exhibited at Bespoked Bristol, is this long tail by Matthew McDonald of Renwick Bicycles. He explains:

The cargo bike is the first bike I have built. It is fillet brazed and is made mostly from 4130 cro-molly with some Reynolds tubing used for the oval tandem base, head tube, seat tube, chain stays and top tube.

The wheel base is 195cm long and the cargo area or flat-bed bit when the basket is removed is 49.5cm wide and 80cm long.
The bike was made to fit me and to allow for a 7-8 UK shoe size for heal clearance between heel and the basket/flat-bed area when peddling. This is to allow for the biggest cargo carrying capacity rather than the 1 size fits all of many cargo bikes.

The basket bolts straight onto the bike. ( 4 bolts )
The bike will accept mudguards, I’ve just not got around to putting them on yet.

I wanted to make a bike that I could use to do some jobs on during the week so that I’d be fitter for weekend riding. At the moment my timetable only allows me to get out for a proper ride on the weekends and that’s not enough cycling! I’m volunteering to do boring jobs and chores now just to get out and ride a bit.

Any future cargo bikes would have a better stand that I’d make, a centre stand, and maybe a 73mm wide bottom bracket if requested.

K4RGO - Renwick Bicycles 02
Images by Gold Seal Photography

From Denmark, Michael from Sherwood Bikes talks in the video below about how he designed his Long John. [Personally, I think it is disrespectful to say that “none of the existing cargobikes are worth riding”]

Sherwood Bikes – reinventing the cargobike from 10PM on Vimeo.


One thought on “Two more frame builders design cargobikes

  1. I’ve seen this article a few times now and I’m wondering if you had the cane basket specifically made for the bike or did you make the cargo area to suit an already existing basket?. I’ve built my own Cargo bike which is similar to yours and wanted a cane basket for the flat bed. It’s a great bike you’ve built.

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