The Hydrofiets, a custom-made thirst-quenching cargobike

K4RGO - Hydrofiets in Portland 4

BikePortland introduced this beautifully crafted catering cargobike last Autumn. Go to the article for many more photographs, showing all the pleasing details.

Say hello to the “Hydrofiets,” the latest creation from Portland-based builder Tom LaBonty. The bike was commissioned by Ethan Jewett for use by his company Stickeen Brand Services.

Ethan Jewett was art director on the project.

The idea behind the bike is simple: To provide clean filtered tap water at events. Currently Jewett is putting the bike to use for one of his clients, Klean Kanteen. The bike fits with their mission to discourage the purchase of single-use water bottles.

The bike is outfitted with high-quality plumbing components and hoses that attach directly to any water spigot. From there, the water runs through two filtering tanks and up and out of four nozzles on the large, wooden countertop. To keep customers cool, the Hydrofiets has a large umbrella that cranks up from a sturdy stand just in front of the handlebars. The bike features tons of classy and custom touches throughout. From the wave-pattern and wood on the countertop and main triangle, to the custom chain-steering system LaBonty created just for this bike.

K4RGO - Hydrofiets in Portland

LaBonty has gained a national following since his “hillbilly” cargo bikes first hit the Internet just over three years ago. This is LaBonty’s 59th bike.


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