Recycling waste with a Cycles Maximus

K4RGO - Hereford Cycles Maximus, man in cage

Hereford Pedicabs has one of the most impressive “collection of recycling materials by cargobike” operation, which began in 2008.

With a population of 60,000, the city of Hereford lies in the West of England, near the border with Wales.

Hereford Pedicabs collects recycling material from around 400 local businesses. They use a Cycles Maximus with a long vertical cage. They have enough business to employ a rider full time on the project.

The CO2 savings from the operation are approx. 1500 tons p.a., which two years ago were valued at €30,000 (Today the market in carbon trading has become dysfunctional and prices have fallen to €4/ton).

HP provides all its customers with individual CO2 saving figures, which can be posted on windows for publicity (see below).

It is a win-win project: HP’s prices are lower than the municipal waste-to-landfill prices.

K4RGO - Hereford carbon saving stickers


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