Cycles Maximus relaunched

K4RGO - Cycles Maximus, new model

With new financing in place, Cycles Maximus are relaunching their super-strong, super-versatile cargo/people tricycle.

Here are the new features:

K4RGO - Cycles Maximus, SplitframeSteel tube space frame with Tripoint™ suspension
• super-strong
• state-of-the-art manufacturing in the UK
• shock absorbing design
• 2-part for low-cost & convenient shipping

K4RGO - Cycles Maximus, nuvinciNuVinci 360n CVT gears
• gear-changes at standstill and on the move
• ratios from 0.5 – 1.8
• continuous gearing; no steps between gear ratios
• simple, silent, low-maintenance

K4RGO - Cycles Maximus, frontbrake

Revised wheels and braking system
• 17 inch front and rear wheels
• choice of spoked, composite or alloy wheels
• moped strength tyres
• simple, 5 bolt wheel removal system
• Cycles Maximus hydraulic disc brakes front/rear

K4RGO - Cycles Maximus, tipping

Easy body changing operation
• easy on and off body mechanism
• rapid changes between Cargo and People Trikes
• ideal for multi-purpose applications of the chassis


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