Businesses pay for Kindergarten trikes

In Denmark, a number of deals have been struck between local businesses and kindergartens; the businesses pay for one or more tricycles to be used to ferry around children for their activities; in return the schools allow the tricycles to carry advertising by the sponsors. A win-win solution, reports

Here is the translated text:

Kindergartens, nurseries and childminders will benefit from new vehicles as they are donated by local businesses. The concept is spreading across the country.
K4RGO - Danish kindergarten tricycle, orange
A number of kindergartens, day nurseries and childminders in the country’s municipalities can look forward to new experiences on three wheels – without having to worry about the cost. They are vehicles donated by local businesses, which in turn are eye-catching advertising space on the tricycle boxes.

Some companies have already taken the idea to heart. When the local institutions are using the advertising-funded trikes for trips around the local areas, they show it as an environmentally conscious company that would like to do something for the well being of society. At the same time, the company’s profile on cargo bike can be seen criss-crossing in the local area – and there are ‘renewable energy’ in advertising on cargo bikes. Trikes advertisements are visible in the landscape throughout the cycle longevity. The concept is thus not only good for child care, hit by cuts. It also provides local traders the chance to market themselves a little greener way – backed by local PR coverage.

Association started its new concept in Elsinore and now spreading phenomenon across the country. The concept has been well received by local companies such as KBH Signs & Barley in Tikøb, Elsinore Ventilation in Elsinore, Coloplast in Humlebæk and Nykredit in Elsinore, all of which have chosen the institution, they will support. is also established in Jutland and has contacts with municipalities across the country.

In North Zealand welcomes center director, Mette Jevanord, from Nykredit in Elsinore at the opportunity to make life in institutions more fun.

– It is a super fine project and we are delighted to market the bank on a new and different way and to help the institutions, which often have tight budgets, she said.


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