Parking for cargo-bikes

K4RGO - Parking space at Danish Parliament

In Copenhagen, the Christiania tricycle is one of the most stolen bikes: its high resale value attracts professional thieves who can resell it quickly for €1000.

In Amsterdam, the City authorities are considering measures to decrease pavement congestion caused by cargobikes.

In London, the biggest hurdle to greater cargobike adoption is unwillingness to leave it outside.

When there is a need, creativity comes to the rescue.
Things are starting to happen:

1. Supermarkets and Government buildings are starting to cater for cargobike visitors (picture above is at the Danish Parliament).
2. In Copenhagen, HOE360 Consulting is assisting the City of Copenhagen with the development of two new Cargo-bike parking versions, one for short-term visits and one for residential areas
3. In London, CycleHoop is designing a larger version of the Lambeth Bike Hangar to fit cargobikes.
4. The PlantLock even though not designed specifically for cargobikes, can be a practical way to attach securely a cargobike off the pavement, as Chris Kenyon shows below:
K4RGO - Parking of cargobike in London

Image on front page is an installation by Vekso

UPDATE: Copenhagenize is in discussions with Kastrup Airport to provide secure cargobike parking. Read more here.


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